“Great place, been bringing my pets for years. We were just in for check ups and vaccinations. Can’t think of a complaint. I will say years ago I had to have an animal put down, after a terminal diagnosis. They were very compassionate and even did a little keep sake paw print! Thanks!”

-Adam Myers, Google

“So glad we found this vet! They have been amazing with both of our cat and dog. We drive 45 minutes one way to get to this vet. Its absolutley worth it! We have used other vets near us for years and their pricing is more than double what Huntington charges! I have read the negative reviews on hear and can tell you they are either reviewing the wrong vet or are impossible to please. The people that work here are very kind and they always call you back! It is hard to find businesses like this that appreciate and care about their customers. It is true that businesses give discounts or some form of payment for leaving reviews as a thank you for taking the time to review them. There is nothing wrong with showing appreciation for your customers time. If your going to leave a negative review make sure you fully explain the situation that upset you. I was not paid for this review I just hate seeing negative reviews about good businesses with no real content or explanation.”

-David Perkins, Google

“I’ve never considered another place since I lived in the area, when we had to put our dog down was one of the hardest things we had to do. We walked in the lobby was packed they made sure we were taken care of and I’m in extremely timely manner and just plain old human compassion.”

-patrickshaun3, Google

“They are always friendly and get my dogs in fast even if they are busy. They are also very comforting and go out of there way to help you feel better when you have a best friend you have to say “goodbye” to. Great place to take your animals.”

-Greg Thompson, Google

“I feel that they care for my fur babies. They take the time to explain pathophys so that I understand what is going on. Have almost always had excellent treatment.”

-Tina Bell, Google

“The staff are warm and friendly. They truly want to help u with your pet. They have the knowledge and skills to get the job done. If your pet is as important to you as mine is to me then come here they are a great group, that truly cares about your pet. I love these guys they don’t give u the feeling that your just another number. they listen and ask questions and explain things in detail about your sick pet. My dog butch is still here with me, and there fighting to give him the best quality of life he can have till my little guy goes. thanks everybody at H.V.H.”

-jereme wall, Google

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“Always does a great job with our animals. Doctors and start are always friendly. They always let you know what the cost will be, before they do the procedure so there is no sticker shock. You always have a chance to get a second opinion.”

-Kelly Lee, Google

“I’ve taken all of my furbabies here for over 20 years. They’re kind and respectful to humans and animals alike. If I need to get my pet in to see a doctor, they do try to get us an appointment, in a timely manner. When I had to have my mastiffs put down, due to end-stages of cancer, I went in to pay the bill and they gave me their paw prints in clay. I was so overwhelmed by their kindness, I cried. They’ve sent cards as well. I truly feel my pets are in good hands here.”

-Lori Kaylor, Google

“Friendly staff, clean environment, and call to talk to you about the game plan and to make sure you’re aware of everything going on with your doggo.”

-Cara Perry Bellmer, Google

” Great, pet loving staff. Work very hard to help us through our dog being very sick, and supported us in our decisions on care for our dog.”
-Connor Nash, Google

“My family has been taking our pets here for 3 generations now it’s a bit more expensive but worth every penny.”

-Jay Perisho, Google